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  • Nathan’s Resume

    Nathan Acs

    Total Exeperience : I have experience doing General Labor, I have worked for two separate praise and worship teams as a sound technician. I have experience in Management and Training. Year

    Expected Location : Preferably a location near CFNI

    Expected Job Type : Array

    Expected Salary :

  • Rose Wakefield

    Rose Wakefield

    Total Exeperience : I have coordinated ministry events and support corporate events. I have also provided VIP concierge services to many leaders associated with CFTNI. I am currently the owner of a event planning business as well. Year

    Expected Location : United States

    Expected Job Type : Array

    Expected Salary :

  • Richard Oglesby

    Richard Oglesby

    Total Exeperience : In ministry for over 30 years in many areas, currently associate pastor. Year

    Expected Location : I am willing to go where God calls.

    Expected Job Type : Full Time

    Expected Salary : Salary depends on the cost of living for the area, but I know God will provide.