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Jul 16, 2018
Full time
Worship & Creative Arts Pastor - New Chapel - Position Profile _________________________________________________________________ Offering Overview: New Chapel is for people to connect with God and be raised to new life in Christ. We're a church that would go to any length to tell people that God loves them. We're accepting applications for our Worship & Creative Arts Pastor position. > Competency:   We’re looking for a Worship/Creative Arts Pastor who is an attractional leader, vibrant vocalist who can (preferably) lead from the electric guitar (send us a video and blow us away!), and creative dreamer who can bring inspired innovative worship/creative elements into realization. We're looking for the rare combination of a dynamic, fun-loving artist on stage and an organized, get-it-done leader during the week. > Character:   We’re not looking to just hire for a “job” - we’re looking for someone truly interesting in their calling, and how God wants to use that for His Kingdom. We are searching for someone who understands that God calls families, not just individuals. We’re looking for someone whose character resonates with 1 Timothy 3:1-7 or 1 Timothy 3:8-13.  Personal integrity and trust are a big deal. > Chemistry:    Our full/part-time staff and GoTeam Leaders want to “work hard” and “play hard.” We're searching for the right person - one who fits our modern, Spirit-empowered, dynamic culture, has a 1 Corinthians 9 “whatever-it-takes” attitude, and can have a closed-door meeting that’s either really intense or really fun, and immediately follow up with a sincere hospital visit. Maybe this narrative sounds like you: You might be interested in Bethel Music, Elevation Worship, Coldplay, Soul Survivor, Hillsong Worship, Tom Smith, BB King, Central Live, Vertical Worship, Rick Springfield, Citizens & Saints, and the like. You’re probably Indie-Fabulous, interested in fashion, design, and quality coffee. You may have an affinity for 80s movies. You probably have attended the Seeds Conference, C3 Conference (or similar). The Holy Spirit doesn’t freak you out. You may or may not have been classically trained, but definitely have been through a rigorous internship that had developed your leadership. Purpose: The Worship/Creative Arts Pastor serves the Lead Pastor by overseeing and coordinating the “Sights and Sounds” areas: Public Worship: Pastoring New Chapel attenders to connect with God through an experiential time of worship each public service In-Service Ministries (Tech, Altar, Ushers, etc.), Media/Marketing: Graphics (Print/Digital), Video, Social Media, etc. The Worship/Creative Arts Pastor takes the responsibility of guarding the spiritual culture and character of the worship ministry Plans and administrates special projects/events Builds relationship with GoTeam Leaders, and New Chapel attenders Promotes a culture of financial resourcefulness and good stewardship _________________________________________________________________ Worship & Creative Arts Pastor Reports to: The Lead Pastor _________________________________________________________________ Experience and knowledge required: Proficient in Guitar and/or Piano Minimum of 3 years band and worship leading in a local church Highly relational and posses great people skills, with an orientation towards serving, empowering others, and building strong teams Excels in a fast-paced, growing environment Able to change priorities quickly/ accept change with a positive attitude Able to build understanding in the systems, structures, and programs necessary for their area and the church Able to accomplish assigned projects utilizing highly developed communication (written and verbal), project management, time management and collaboration skills Able to handle confidential matters with both integrity and excellence _________________________________________________________________ Essential functions and responsibilities: As Pastoral Staff Influence the New Chapel Staff Spiritually Influence New Chapel attenders Spiritually Pastoral Care Responsibilities Fulfill the requirements and faithfully perform the duties of a “Pastor” at New Chapel to the best your ability   As a Staff Member Creates ASANA Tasks in real time during meetings, and as assigned Reporting/ Communication Plans and administrates special projects/events Builds relationship with GoTeam Leaders, and New Chapel attenders Promotes a culture of financial resourcefulness and good stewardship All other duties as assigned   As the Worship Leader Lead and manage the New Chapel Worship Oversee the recruitment and training sessions for assimilation of the Worship Team Oversee the creation and innovation of “the sound” of Next Level Worship (a vibrant, victorious tone and tenor) Oversee the planning of the Weekend Master Song Schedule featuring a healthy respiration of fresh songs. Oversee the scheduling for In-Service Ministries (Worship, Tech, Altar, Ushers, etc.) As the Creative Arts Pastor Oversee and provide leadership for special events, productions, and services (Easter, Christmas, Conferences, etc.) as requested Oversee the recruitment and training sessions for assimilation of GoTeam Leaders to edit graphics and video Oversee a coaching structure for care and personal growth and development for New Chapel GoTeam Leaders serving in your leadership Oversee the structures and systems of the Worship/Creative Arts Areas Plan and implement New Chapel Worship projects and goals Oversee the recording and administration of Worship Projects _________________________________________________________________ Other duties and responsibilities: Research successful churches regarding approach to worship Organizational Abilities: Multi-tasking/ Time Management Planning & Problem Solving Technological Abilities: Software (Microsoft Office, Planning Center, ASANA, Microsoft Office, Ableton, and the like…) Working Understanding of the Sound Board/ Sound System Working Understanding of Lighting Systems Working Understanding of Visual Systems Natural Leadership Skills; People Person & Energetic _________________________________________________________________ Performance measures: Performance will be measured several times annually based on the, “Chapel Culture” (Our Core Values). _________________________________________________________________ Time commitment: Full-time staff Office Days: Monday – Thursday, 9-5 PM 1 day per weekend; will flow to 2 days per weekend (when we add Saturday Services; will adjust weekly commitment) Must attend weekly Staff Meetings, Worship Rehearsal, and Weekend Prep Meetings _________________________________________________________________ Apply with resume and video of your worship to