Part-time Sitter : 3 different shifts to pick from, or take all three

  • Janice - Alumni
  • On Campus and some driving in Dallas
  • Sep 14, 2017
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Job Description

You must be 18 years or older, be able to work, and be a U.S. citizen. 

These shifts are very good for someone looking for part-time work. I live on campus in alumni housing in COP, ability to drive is needed.

Shift A: Overnight sleeping (so the children are not alone) and then one hour prep 7a-8a, then take them to school at the preschool on campus on weekdays M Th F. Overnights are $30 each, with required nights Sun, Wed, Th, Fri, Sat. Must have ability to safely drive kids to the preschool on campus. 

Hours: Sleeping - May arrive

Sleeping: May arrive any time before and up to 3am. $30 per night, 5 nights per week. May sleep in the 2nd bedroom completely for the nanny, just need someone to be present in apartment with the little ones.

Awake hours: 7am-8am Getting the children ready for school, breakfast, driving them to the preschool on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. 3 hours of awake time, $9/hour

Shift B: Pick kids up from on campus preschool at 12p on weekdays M Th F, then lunch, then down for nap at 130p. This shift usually ends at 2p. Sometimes it may go until 7p so there must be flexibility. Kids sleep until 4 or 5 so there's a long break for any homework you want to get done. Ability to safely drive kids to lessons, extracurricular activities or church is needed.

Total hours: 6 hours per week, up to 11 hours per week, $9/hour.

Days are Monday Thursday Friday 

Shift C: 2 weekends a month, Saturday and Sunday, 8a-2p. Flexibility to stay longer such as 7p is preferred. Definite extracurricular activities so must be a safe driver. Some participation in extracurricular activities needed. Prefer them to go to church on Sunday.

Hours: 12 hours, up to 16 hours. $9/hour

Days: Saturday, Sunday


Children's Ministry, Nanny, Childcare


$9/hour, $30 overnights