Worship Pastor

  • Grace Church
  • Borger, TX, USA
  • Mar 02, 2018
Full time Church

Job Description

Job Description: Grace Church in Borger, Texas is looking to hire a full-time Worship Pastor. Grace is a non-denominational Church that is God-Based, Jesus-Centered, Holy Spirit-Led.  

CHURCH PROFILE We have been in a growth process for a few years and have 2 Sunday morning services.  

Our mission: To reach out to all denominations and race as a melting pot of God's people and to provide a God-Based, Jesus-Centered, Holy Spirit life of action and purpose to be passed down for generations to come.  

Our Purpose: We are committed to help every person ACHIEVE their life in Christ, BUILD on the word of God as their foundation for hope and value, and CONNECT each individual to the church as a whole for the growth of the kingdom of God.  

At Grace Church we believe cultural relevance is a must for reaching people who don’t know Christ. This means that we strive to incorporate relevant art and media forms into our weekly services. The key is understanding that relevant is a moving target. What was relevant 10 years ago is not automatically relevant today, and what is relevant today will not automatically be relevant in 10 years.While we want to remain culturally relevant, we never wish to water down the gospel or authentic worship. We want to teach our church to worship God passionately because passion is contagious.

Job Title: Worship Pastor One Sentence Job Description: Leverage leadership, art, music, technology, and personal example to teach people to passionately and expressively and genuinely worship Christ. Primary Duties: Lead Grace's overall worship ministry
o Lead the band to play with excellence.
o Lead vocalists to sing with excellence and develop strong stage presence.
o Lead the Audio/Video team to produce excellent results every week.
o Lead the congregation to become passionate worshipers.
o Lead the programming team in the creation and effective use of music, video and other art forms to enhance the weekend messages.

Secondary Duties:
o To be multi functional in any area of ministry or job task required when needed or asked upon.
o And any other duties as assigned by Oversight.

Measure of Success: The person filling this role will help define goals related to worship and creative arts. Success in this position will be measured by accomplishing those goals.

Hours: This is currently a full-time position. The anticipated time requirement for this position is 40-50 hours per week.

Musical Talent      
Smart Work Ethic          
Casting Vision          
Strong organizational ability          
Fostering Relationships          
Ability to work under high stress conditions          
Executing Strategy          
Uncanny knack for juggling multiple projects effectively          
High capacity to relate to people          
Ability to inspire and encourage others          
Fast, clear, positive written and verbal communication skills

Character Traits:
o Integrity
o Thick skin
o Soft heart
o Passion for Christ
o Passion for discipleship (holistic discipleship, not just Bible study)
o Fun to be around
o Financial wisdom and Biblical Stewardship
o Loyalty

SUMMARY We would love to find someone who has the current or future capacity to lead a ministry in a church of hundreds of people. Our ideal candidate will demonstrate a history of effectively leading people to accomplish lofty goals. High relational capability, a track record of getting things done efficiently, and a willingness to take risks and have characteristics that will get our attention. APPLICATION PROCESS: To apply for this position, send resumes to tim@mygrace.me

We will not call every resume for an interview. However, candidates of interest will be contacted to move further into the process


Worship Ministry


To be discussed at a further interview process (very competitive)