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Dallas Tx.


2719 S. Hampton Rd.

Description :

When: Sunday Mornings 8am -10:00am
• Arrive by 8am
• Parents will drop off children of all ages to your care
• Serve the children breakfast which will be provided by the church
• Parents will pick up children before Sunday school begins
• Have children ready to go to their designated classes by 9:50 a.m.
• Clean up the area and place everything back

Additional Notes:

• In order to prevent injury or any other mishaps, try to keep the children together by age groups. Be mindful that the older children play a little rougher than the younger.
• Interact with the children by walking around.
• Unless you are communicating with someone in leadership, please refrain from using your cell phone.

How to apply :

Lorena 214-415-8776

Centro Church 214-330-0467

Please summitted your name, email and phone to the any emails listed above. You can also call me (Lorena).

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