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3404 Conway Street, Dallas, TX, 75224

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Events Registrar is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the registration process for all conferences, events, and camps which include pre-conference, on-site registration, and post-conference follow up.


Leads the registration process for all CFN/CFNI events.
Ensures registration process is standardized across the organization.
Configure registration software to best accommodate the registration needs for camps, conferences, and events on campus.
Responsible for creating and managing the registration page for all camps, conferences, and events on campus.
Manages registration table, receives registration payments, records payments, and carries monies to the accounts receivable office on the day of every event.
Complete daily, weekly, monthly and final status reports as required for events.
Prepare reports on registration, including final registration/revenue reports, for all events.
Prepare final revenue reports for all events.
Manage databases and spreadsheets as required for events.
Provide contact lists of past participants to Marketing for future events.


Excellent analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills
Attention to detail
Strong customer skills service including telephone support
Must be skilled in Microsoft Office and have above average skills in Microsoft Excel.
Tech savvy with ability to quickly learn event registration software
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Capability to lead and manage people and processes in a dynamic changing environment
Team player with excellent interpersonal skills; must be able to establish and maintain effective cooperative working relationships with clients, full-time and contract staff
Ability to balance multiple priorities and assignments to meet deadlines

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