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Description :

For the role of Music Director/Worship Leader we categorize responsibilities into three categories: Leadership, Musicianship, and Technology Adaptation


• A level of proficiency in leading worship onstage and directing musicians, while staying committed to investing into the team, unifying them.

• They understand and are fully invested into the mission and vision of Revive Church.

• They prioritize progress over perfection, and seek to relationally build up each member
individually and as a collective.

• They have a healthy, growing relationship with God

• Always refining and evolving “worship” styles and culture at Revive

• Confidence in the role of pastoral leadership

• Fully submitted to and in sync with Pastor Stephan and the leadership of Revive

• Capable of making decisions for their team, and not a “yes man” to Pastor Stephan

• Understands that corporate “worship” is not 3 songs on a Sunday, but an opportunity to focus the attention on Jesus, and cultivate an environment where the Holy Spirit is able to speak freely.

• Believes in Spirit-led systems that require planning, prayer and a humble posture to what the Holy Spirit desires to do during a worship experience.

• Is willing to network to recruit new team members, as well as raise up new leaders and musicians from within the church.

-Musicianship Skill

• Self-awareness

Do they know their own level of skill, and what needs to improve? Are they
pushing themselves to be better, more skillful?

• Songwriting

Must be willing to write songs with their team specifically from the heart of Revive Church that records our history and celebrates what God is doing.

• Connoisseurs of Culture

The style of music we use in our worship experience should be attractive to the unsaved, unchurched teenager and family. Our leader should be someone who listens and takes note of different styles of music to incorporate that into our worship culture.

• Excellence

Must have a competency and a level of excellence with their instrument and music as a whole.

• Communication

Can clearly and concisely communicate to each musician what they want.

• Flexibility

Willing to adapt songs and styles to the worship culture of Revive. Not married to “this is how the track does it.”

-Technology Adaptation

• Anticipates innovation using technology in worship.

• A working knowledge of different instruments, as well as the desire to learn new things as sounds and styles evolve.

• Uses wisdom in the right time to introduce new technology based on budgetary restrictions, culture, season, etc.

How to apply :

To apply, please email your resume to, as well as a link to a video of you leading worship or performing musically.

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