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ACE Parking,Inc

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Part Time


Central / Downtown Dallas


901 Main St

Description :

This position is responsible for providing a welcoming environment and efficient valet services in accordance with guest’s expectations and established performance standards. The position is also responsible for the following, but not limited to:

  • Efficiently and safely park all vehicles in designated areas, ensuring each vehicle has been locked while in our possession and keys have been secured in valet booth.
  • Efficiently and safely retrieve all vehicles, announce guest/party name and match claim ticket numbers to ensure delivery of the correct vehicle to each guest.
  • (Hotel Only) Assist with loading of passengers and luggage, inquire if guest needs directions, clean the front vehicle windshield and offer an appropriate departing comment.
  • Monitor and maintain the appearance and overall cleanliness of the front drive and parking areas.
  • Inform guests/visitors of parking services and fees, issue a claim ticket, direct them to their intended destination and offer an appropriate closing comment.
  • Anticipate guest needs when possible and exhibit a sincere desire to meet or exceed them.
  • Always speak professionally and graciously, smile, and maintain eye contact.
  • Display a professional posture and post up in designated area on front drive.
  • Promptly greet all vehicle passengers that arrive to the front drive by opening all occupied vehicle doors and offering them a warm and sincere welcome.
  • Safely run/jog to and from parking areas when retrieving and parking vehicles.
  • Inspect the exterior of each incoming vehicle and note any damage on the ticket.
  • Perform additional duties and tasks as assigned.
  • This job description is subject to change at any time at the discretion of management 

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Please apply directly at

You can text the recruiter directly at 469.373.7675 once you have completed the application.


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